Enjoy "The flavors of Ticino on the table"

Local dishes, menus and wines in the region's restaurants. "Sapori del Ticino in tavola" is not a festival but a project whose objective is to enhance the long-term status, every day of the year, of Ticino's food and drink as well as the restaurants using the area's produce to prepare traditional or innovative meals.
The "Sapori del Ticino in tavola" initiative is coordinated by GastroTicino through the Centro di Competenza Agroalimentare [food and drink skills centre] (CCA) supported by the Canton within the framework of a new regional policy. In conjunction with the Ticino Farmers Union and the large-scale retail trade, the project aims to enhance knowledge and use of local produce in restaurants.
In accordance with the "Sapori del Ticino in tavola" ethos, throughout the year, restaurant owners who believe in Ticino's terroir offer one or more dishes and/or a menu (changing according to requirements or the seasons) prepared exclusively with Ticino products. Gourmets can pair these dishes with local wines. In an era in which globalisation is likely to impoverish not only tastes and flavours, but also traditions, "Ticino a Tavola" is the key to enhancing the
status of those precious culinary treats which our Canton produces for those eager to discover them.
List of restaurants displaying the attractive red and blue logo.

Rules on local products in the Italian page.

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